Service Programs

A. Educate Hmong traditional cultures as followed:

Qeej, txiv xaiv, ua tsaug txhua yam, kev ib siab ob qig, zaj tshoob, dab qhuas txhua yam, khawv koob, neeb yaig, hu nkauj txhua yam, kev ntseeg, hu plig txhua yam, fiv yeem txhua yam.

B. Educate Hmong Entertainment:

Qhia hais kwv txhiaj txhua yam, qhia tshuab raj txhua yam, qhia suab seev txhua yam, qhia raj qoj, qhia dhia qeej, qhia hais lus taum, qhia seev cev txhua yam.

C. Educate Hmong Alphabet and language for Hmong youths.

D. Educate Hmong people to continue their arts, crafts and others.

E. Adapt Hmong alphabet and language to be accurate.

F. Build good relationship to the Hmong people and other ethnicities.

G. Educate Hmong people to have good citizenship.

H. Hmong International Future Plans:

   1. Bring clean water to Hmong villages internationally.
   2. Bring Hmong crops to the market places to meet the international demand.
   3. Build international network communication to all Hmong people.
   4. Build Hmong relationships internationally.
   5. Promote Hmong traditional culture internationally.
   6. Promote Hmong alphabet and language to Hmong internationally.
   7. Promote and build good health, living conditions, education, walking and traveling paths          from one village to another.
   8. Build a water system to the Hmong farms and crop fields internationally.

I. Other programs

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